H Rule
H Rule
H Rule

You will be right in fashion with the latest cutting-edge styles, brands and accessories to suite every style and taste.   
Men's Fashions
Quichua's Kameleon Pop Shop 89 Sparks Street 613-594-4836 RETAIL: Ladies Fashions Web
 À 2 prĂȘt-À-porter 79 Sparks Street 613-594-2922   Web
The Shoe Box 173 Sparks Street 613-232-2298 RETAIL: Ladies Fashions Web
Winners (Sparks Street) 155 Queen Street 613-594-8825    
Boutique Amimoc 155 Sparks Street 613-680-8933   Web
Bello Uomo Fashions 159 Sparks Street 613-230-3371 RETAIL: Mens Fashion Web
Morgante Menswear 141 Sparks Street 613-234-2232 RETAIL: Mens Fashion Web
Roberto Men's Wear Planet 101 Sparks Street 613-563-0220 RETAIL: Mens Fashion Web
240 Sparks 240 Sparks Street     Web